The Hard Fight Against Internet Piracy

RIAA and the MPAA have posted their policy suggestions to Intellectual Property Enforcement Victoria Espinel. In a joint submission the organizations describe that despite the comprehensive accessibility to lawful content, on-line piracy continues to be uncontrolled. The organizations state that services including The sailing fresh, Rapidgator, Turbobit, DepositFiles and PutLocker are piracy harbors, and they advocate the United States government to help them quash these sites.

The United States government is always assessing and upgrading its copyright administration procedures. To this end, Copyright Czar Victoria Espinel lately requested “the public” to produce suggestions for future years strategy.

The the decision led to tons of submissions from digital rights groups, entrepreneurs, people and copyright holders. MPAA and the RIAA failed to miss out on the opportunity either – dozens of submissions submitted a joint suggestion.

More has to be done to battle online piracy according to both organizations, and also the United States government should play an active part in these endeavours.

The Trouble

RIAA and the MPAA recognize the biggest threats to the amusement industry, beginning with cyberlockers, after emphasizing that the public has an abundance of lawful media at their finger-tips. They describe these file hosting sites as “hubs for unauthorized distribution” along with the “business model of choice for copyright thieves.” Check it all in this Giganews review for more details.

“Operators encourage users to post infringing material or offer incentives to users whose uploaded content is frequently downloaded by others. Put simply, unlike valid cloud-storage solutions, these sites are concentrated , not on ‘storing’ files, but instead on illegitimately disbursing expertly created amusement products,” the two groups create.

The MPAA and RIAA have not shied away from naming several of these “rogue” sites that the two groups equal the now defunct MegaUpload.

“The efforts from the U.S. government to shut-down Megaupload have had an immediate and favorable influence on the marketplace. Yet, critical submission of illegal content proceeds through related sites, such as Rapidgator, Turbobit, DepositFiles, and PutLocker.”

P2P sites, that The buccaneer Bay is the prime illustration immediately follow the cyberlockers. The amusement industry groups are quick to point out that this “criminal operation” proceeds to operate in spite of the fact that the previous owners were.

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